BTS Communication

Pedagogical project

The BTS Communication is a training course recognised and controlled by the State.
It is a national diploma.

This BTS trains communications generalists who master the different communication techniques in publishing or digital, are capable of adapting to various professional situations and operate in a highly evolving professional and socio-economic context.

8 weeks of internship in the 1st year and 6 weeks in the 2nd year allow for the theoretical knowledge to be put into practice.

In each subject and throughout the 4 semesters of study, BTS mock examination sessions and weekly supervised homework punctuate the 2 years of study and prepare the candidate for the national exam.

The BTS Communication graduate is able to design and implement communications operations for events, advertising, public relations, and corporate.

The graduate participates in the conception, selection and creation of graphic tools and written content for internal or external communication, within the framework of the strategy set by the organisation’s management. He/she is capable of ensuring the overall management of a communication project from client brief to deployment, particularly in terms of technical and production follow-up, selection and coordination of contributors/partners, and ensuring the quality and coherence of the project.

Sought profiles: curious, proactive, creative, organised, passionate, sociable and open-minded!

Studies and opportunities

The BTS Communication is a training course recognised and controlled by the State.
It is a national diploma.

Further studies

The studies can be continued at university or at a school of communication:
BACHELOR bac+3, Cybersecurity option or Creative Technology option or Virtual Reality Design option prepared at Saint Jo Sup in partnership with ESAIP in Angers.
Professional bachelor’s and professional master’s degrees: Le Havre, Caen, Nantes, Cergy, Paris, Nancy, Montpellier…
Classic bachelor’s or master’s degrees: Rouen, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Reunion Island.
CELSA, Institut des Hautes Études de l’Information et de la Communication: Paris Sorbonne.
IUP Communication: Bordeaux, Rennes, Avignon, Corsica, Lille…
Business or Management Schools: parallel admission via the bridging competition prepared at St Jo Sup, Sciences Com in Amiens.
École Supérieure de la Communication: Nantes
Master 1 or 2 in Communication: Aix, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Paris, Rennes.


– With the Advertiser (within an organisation, company, local authority, association): internal/external communications manager, communications director, community manager, public relations manager, prepress operator, etc.
– With an Agency (advertising, press relations, or communications) or as a Freelancer, Self-employed: project manager, sales manager, media, media analyst, production or promotion manager, marketing manager, events project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, assistant project manager, etc.
– With the Media: advertising manager, advertising sales representative, media planner, …
– Self-employed, Freelancer: communications consultant, graphic designer, project manager, etc.

Programme / Curriculum

The BTS Communication is a training course recognised and controlled by the State.
It is a national diploma.

Compulsory courses / 1st and 2nd years

  • Culture of Communication 4h
  • Modern Language A (English) 3h
  • Business management 2h
  • Economics 2h
  • Business Law 2h
  • Communications Project 4h
  • Advertiser Counsel & Relations 3h
  • Operational Watch 2h
  • Production Workshop 4h
  • Commercial Relations Workshop 2h

28h / week


Optional teaching / 1st and 2nd years

  • Modern language B (Spanish) 2h

Independent student access to the institution’s computer and documentary resources 3hrs.

Links with the professional world

Immersion internships within companies last a minimum of 14 weeks:

  • 1 week in the middle of semester 1 (1st year).
  • 7 weeks in semester 2 (1st year).
  • 6 weeks in the middle of semester 3 (2nd year).

The Production and Commercial Relations Workshops (4 hours + 2 hours/week) enable students to carry out missions in real situations on behalf of companies, local authorities, agencies, non-profits. These missions are subject to a test during the training course (CCF) and lead to the constitution of a Professional Passport, the evaluation component of the BTS Communication during the final exam.

Saint Jo Sup students are also prepared for:

TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication), Saint-Jo Sup is an approved centre for organising its students’ TOEIC® tests every year.

Voltaire Test and motivational interviews. Several sessions are organised.

Stays abroad are an opportunity to discover studies and the professional world outside of France.

Saint-Jo Sup students are encouraged to look for internships abroad, with the help of the International Relations Department. Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, China and Argentina have already welcomed our students.

How to register

The BTS Communication is a training course recognised and controlled by the State.
It is a national diploma.

Applications for the BTS Communication are open on the website as January 2021.

All the information regarding the applicant on the platform is studied by the recruitment committee in order to identify the candidates who are committed to passing the exam.

The BTS communication is open to students coming from general and technological curricula.

Sought profiles: motivated, dynamic, organised, sociable and open-minded.

Tuition fee: 1641.24 euros. Fee applicable at the start of the school year in September 2020, subject to change.