Pedagogical project

The BTS SIO Computer Services for Organisations course is recognised and controlled by the State. It is a national diploma.

In a context of global computerisation, the stakes have evolved and have been oriented towards a concern for safety, security and data integrity on which organisations have become dependent. This trend leads scomputer specialist to take a very serious approach to good practices in computer hygiene applicable to all. The BTS SIO, thus reformed, proposes a reorganisation of the course conducive to senior technicians’ efficiency.

This degree comprises two courses leading to an interesting diversity of jobs related to IT:

  • SLAM option: Software Solutions and Business Applications
  • SISR option: Infrastructure Solutions, Systems and Networks.

Students choose their option at the beginning of the second semester of the first year.

Sought profiles: Analytical ability, creativity, reflection, curiosity, logic, organisation, team spirit.


Our school is credited with the “Local CISCO Academy” label allowing students to take CISCO certifications. It is also a member of MSDN Microsoft Imagine which offers students access to all MICROSOFT professional products.

Studies and opportunities

Students often continue further studies, towards a professional degree. This is appreciated because it provides the student with more field experience.

This BTS SIO Computer Services for Organisations can lead to the Cybersecurity and Creative Technology Bachelor’s degrees proposed at St Jo Sup.

Schools throughout France offer access to engineering degrees: EXIA in Rouen, EPSI in Nantes or Paris, SUPINFO in Lille.

Saint-Jo Sup has signed a partnership with the CEGEP (Collège d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel) in La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada making it possible to obtain a double degree in a single year after this BTS:

The computer and information technology sector is still one of the sectors that, in terms of jobs, still offers lasting opportunities.

Whether it is in jobs related to data security or big data management, the prospects are encouraging. As for ongoing development needs, they lead to the recruitment of project managers, web designers and other web integrators.

Programme / Curriculum

The BTS SIO Computer Services for Organisations course is recognised and controlled by the State. It is a national diploma.

The BTS SIO offers a complete course spread over four semesters with different blocks of courses:

  • General education: English, Mathematics for computer science, General culture and expression.
  • Economic, legal and managerial culture for information technology
  • Computer Systems common core (Block 1) and speciality (Block 2)
  • Cybersecurity (Block 3) in common core and then in speciality (Year 2)
  • Professionalisation Workshops (AP)

> Consult the skill blocks in detail

> Consult the teaching blocks in detail


Growing into a professional…
The curriculum provides for several highlights and shared moments that favour the student’s development.

Professionalization workshops
Creation of CMS, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript websites. Configuration of DNS, HTTP, LDAP, DHCP servers. Programming: scripts, frameworks, tests. Configuration of network equipment: routers, switches, Wi-Fi, firewalls. Etc.

Internships in companies
Two business internships are compulsory whether this be with a small or large company, with public administrations such as municipalities, or public/private educational structures: a first internship of four or five weeks at the end of the first year (May-June) and a second one during the second year of five to six weeks (January-February).

Portfolio of competences
A complete student “book”, the corner stone for future recruitment!

Gratifying certifications
Saint-Jo Sup students can take recognised professional certifications:

The TOEIC (“Test of English for International Communication”)

The Voltaire test


How to register

The BTS SIO Computer Services for Organisations course is recognised and controlled by the State. It is a national diploma.

Applications for the BTS SIO Services Informatiques aux Organisations are open on the website as of January 2021.

All the student information provided on the platform is studied by the recruitment committee in order to identify candidates committed to passing the exam.

Tuition fee: 1641.24 euros. Fee applicable at the start of the school year in September 2020, subject to change.